Fighting Evil by Moonlight split

by Taylor Moon // Jacky Nimble and the Silver Crystals

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released August 6, 2014

Taylor - ukulele, vocals
Jordy - saw
Luke - ukulele, vocals, spoons

Thanks to Eve for letting us use her equipment to record!




Jacky Nimble Columbus, Ohio

Pretty much any money I make from this goes to dog food.

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Track Name: Jacky Nimble and the Silver Crystals - Past, present, and possible
C F G Am C F G

Lying around all goddamn day trying to avoid learning how to live / I'd be making a Lowell Food Not Bombs if I was any good at making friends / could i stop stealing your grass / get up off my bony ass / and remember all the reasons that I'm worth it

I strive to empathize / but I just criticize / I seethe and writhe beneath these tepid eyes / So tonight we'll do the twist / play cherry chicken with our wrists / I didn't mean to throw that pbr at your face / But tomorrow's another day / there's all new jams to play / invite friends over hope they don't mind eating trash

Sometimes I lie and wonder / if this world is asunder / why put the next step in front of the last / how could anything I do be anything but a drop / But a drop is better than bailing / I'd rather be corny as fuck / earnest as all get out / and vulnerable to my core / than you ironic bores / so together with my neighbors / we'll stand and live for each other / power's only as strong as we allow / Take them down / pass them around / 99 ballots of bozos
Track Name: Jacky Nimble and the Silver Crystals - Pressure gauge
Gm F Am / Gm F C / Gm F Cm / Gm C Dm

In for testing again / No one could seem to solve my riddle of pain / “you’re young, you should just get better” / filled me with great disdain / Strapped a gauge onto my arm / that blood pressure looked a little high / the nurse asked "are you anxious?" / i said no and that that was a lie / cause in my mind i said always / I'm terrified of talking to you / constantly disappointed / by what you accept as the truth / now I don't have all the answers / in fact I'm certain that I'm wrong / but I don't know how to admit these things / i guess that's why there's this song
Track Name: Jacky Nimble and the Silver Crystals - Dream of dreams
I never met my uncle Doug because when he was a senior at the University of Buffalo he self-immolated in a field. It really rocked my dad's family, and over 35 years later I remain the only person who's gone through his old things. I found a lot in his writings and book collection that I identified with, from feelings of isolation to his passion for science, philosophy, and justice. His copy of "Civil Disobedience" was heavily noted and the first time I read Thoreau. He wrote a lot of poems on his typewriter, so I put this one to music.

G D C Em Em C F G

The world is but a pretty place
To let my passions sound
Its doors are open every night
To let good loves abound

The senses are the passions stuff
Make the night the day
And make mere time a simpleton
Which flows and fades away

The mind is not a writ of good
For those that not need thoughts
Which rob the senses of their zest
With goods and shoulds and oughts

A life is ones own masterpiece
Whose meaning one knows naught
To sell the fivefold diadem
Makes death a nearby lot

A tangible's a thing to touch
A sight's a thing to see
The bell's a ringing to be heard
The soul's a thing to free

The lilac makes the soul awake
At such a central point
As brings a near thing nearer still
Until its core anoint

To taste of life's a thing much spoke
In our world of Philistines
To try to is the whim of whims
To do so dream of dreams
Track Name: Jacky Nimble and the Silver Crystals - Don't mix
A E F#m D / A E Bm D

There are things that don't go well together
Like patriarchy and monogamy, my bare feet and your broken glass
And im tired of trying to repair shoes with tape
Cause gravel and scotch are like Harry and snape
But worst of all, is when I slip and fall
And the world just stays where it is

Cause alcohol, sadness, and cigarettes don't mix well with my skin
It bubbles and boils, troubles and spoils all of the progress I've made
tearing and searing, stabbing and scabbing, a grim constellation of scars
Tombstones for feels made with butts I did steal
at least they remind me in time wounds can heal

Power and people are a bad combination
Corrupting, obstructing, a world of exploitation
I won't be a slave to your wage
But what do I do, when I've got no dog food
When my clothes fall apart, the car just won't start
and someone's gotta bail you out
Despite my best efforts this heart keeps on raging, gonna do my damnedest to change
So if you and me and these apple trees
Can get along, there just might be hope
Track Name: Jacky Nimble and the Silver Crystals - Wednesday afternoons (Ariel Beesley cover)
D Em Am D
It's getting harder to
Not be a [dick] to you
I hope you know I'm sorry too
Cause you don't deserve that
It's getting harder to
not take a swig with you
Cause drinking's all I wanna do
and everyone is doing it

Though it's getting harder every day
Em Am D
People tell me I will be ok

My boyfriend he smokes a of cigarettes
He's really hot
though I'd say his lungs are not
I think we'll be ok
Now I started smoking too
I think it's a pretty good substitute
For drinking bottles if absolut
On Wednesday afternoons

Though sometimes it's true I miss those days
I cannot say that I miss the taste

Am D Em D
All my friends are alcoholics
They'll tell you that they're not sad
All my friends are alcoholics
They play it off like it's not so bad
Track Name: Jacky Nimble and the Silver Crystals - Grave (Jessica Dennison cover)
C Am C / C F C / D F C

I planted flowers and trimmed the grass around your grave today
but it's no use you packed your bags when you got here
and you're not coming home you're not coming home anytime soon

and I called your name to the black blue sky at midnight
but the stars and still moon didn't say anything
so I'll just let it be the stars were never made to take your place

And I would love to carry your world but I can barely lift my own heart today
So I'll pack up all your things from that quiet house we thought we made
And I guess it's all ok your hands never fit quite right in mine anyway

I suppose I don't smile anymore cause worry came in and took its place
And I think I forgot what I look like I'm too busy trying to remember your face
And I know I dug your grave but I'd really like it if you would just stay with me
And I know I pushed you away but I'd really like it for you to stay
And I know I dug your grave but I'd really like it if you would just stay